<br />Comprehensive Ardas Guide

Comprehensive Ardas Guide

The Ardas is an important part of Sikh prayers. It is recited as part of congregational services as well as for personal purposes. The Sikh Missionary Society has prepared a comprehensive guide for almost every occasion.

Women in Sikhi
Dialogue Session

Women in Sikhi

Come join us on 6 April 2024 at 3pm at the Sikh Centre Auditorium (level 7) for this dialogue session.

In Sikhi, women hold multi-dimensional roles that are integral to the fabric of the faith, reflecting its modern and egalitarian principles. Sikhi champions gender equality and emphasizes the spiritual and societal equality of all individuals, regardless of gender.

Sikhi teaches that women have the same spiritual potential as men, challenges traditional societal norms by advocating for the equal treatment of women in all spheres of life.

Sikh women have played significant roles as leaders and advocates within the community. Historically, women like Mata Khivi, who established langar (community kitchen) and promoted equality, and Mai Bhago, who led soldiers in battle, exemplify the strength and leadership of Sikh women.

Within the Sikh family structure, women hold respected roles as mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters. They are regarded as the cornerstone of family life and are instrumental in passing down religious and cultural traditions to future generations. Women also actively participate in community gatherings, celebrations, and festivals, fostering a sense of unity and belonging.

i-Read Gurbani Program
Be a Gurbani Tutor!

i-Read Gurbani Program

Ghar Ghar Andar Dharamsal

Sikh Missionary Society Singapore is recruiting volunteer Gurbani tutors for the i-READ Gurbani program.

This program aims to create a pool of tutors who are well-versed in Gurbani and who would like to teach others to read it as well. To make it easier for the participants to set aside time, lessons will be held informally in a home-setting - meaning a family can get together and invite a tutor to their home at a mutually agreed day/time for the lessons.

If you would like to volunteer as a tutor, please click the button below to learn more about the program. To sign-up as a tutor, click here or scan the QR code on the flyer.

Have a question? Contact us via our online form.

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Ardas Guide (Consolidated Booklet)
A Sikh Missionary Publication

Ardas Guide (Consolidated Booklet)

The word “Ardas” literally means “prayer.” It is recited in every Gurdwara program (e.g at the completion of an Akhand Paath, before the Guru is brought into Parkaash, just before the Hukam is taken, and again during Sukhaasan).

The Ardas can also be recited before undertaking any activity of significance, before leaving on a journey, to give thanks, or as a way of daily remembering the Creator (e.g. at the closing of a Sikh's daily prayers or "nitnem").

The Ardas is not an empty ritual - it is crucial in the remembrance of sacrifice and surrender and to invoke blessings from the Guru. Every Sikh is encouraged to learn and recite the Ardas.

The Sikh Missionary Society (Singapore) has prepared a booklet that contains a comprehensive list of many different types of Ardas in Gurmukhi, along with transliterations and English translation.

Ardas Guide
A Sikh Missionary Publication

Ardas Guide

The Ardas Guide / Booklet in the previous tab consolidates Ardas for various purposes in one PDF booklet. You can also go to a particular Ardas directly in our Customised Ardas Guide - download only the one you need.

Look through the list for the Ardas you want; then click the associated link to view, download and/or print the Ardas.
The Full Version incorporates the complete Ardas for the particular purpose.
The Brief Version shows a shorter, compact version of the Ardas.

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